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Our References

Strategy for the development of MTB tourism in the Municipality of Tržič, 2015
Urban bike parks in Cairo, conception, 2015
Pumptrack Sladki Vrh, construction documentation, 2015
Bike Park Platak, conception, 2015
Gudauri Bike Park, construction, 2015
Bakuriani Bike Park, construction, 2015
Bike Park Ljubljana, planning & construction, 2015
Bakuriani Bike Park Master Plan & Construction documentation, 2014
Bike Park Ljubljana – Conception, 2014
Rogla Bike Park, Planning and construction of additional trails, 2014
Gudauri Bike Park Master Plan & Construction documentation, 2014
Jahorina Bike Park, Conception & Feasibility Study, 2014
Urban Bike Park Podutik Design & Planning, 2014
Silver Spur Ranch (Idaho, USA) MTB Tourism Development Concept, 2014
Fun Park Rogla – Snowpark Construction & Maintenance, 2014
Puma Lodge, Heli Biking Trail System, Conception, 2013
Dominica National MTB Trail System, Feasibility Study, 2013
Bike Park Špindlerův Mlýn, Expansion Concept, 2013
Narad Urban Bike Park ,Construction, 2013
Vals 3000, Bike Park Conception, 2013
iXS Cup Race Track Maribor, design & construction, 2013
Bike Park Yalgora, Conception, 2013
Bike Park Stana de Vale, Feasibility Study, 2013
Bike Park Karlov, Feasibility Study, 2013
Bike Park Kalavryta, Feasibility Study, 2013
Bike Park Bringarena, Conception, 2013
Nike Chosen, planning and construction, 2012*
Rogla Bike Park, Planning and construction, 2012
Golte Bike Park, Conception, 2012
Urban Bike Park Radlje ob Dravi, Design&planning, 2012
Snowboard urban training facility, Conception, Maribor, 2012
Narad Urban Bike Park ,Design&planning, 2012
Snowpark Kopaonik, Planning and construction, 2012
Ski Resort Macesnovc, Terrain analysis and snowpark conception, 2012
Specialized Bike Park Pohorje, Design & planning of new trails, 2012
Zlatibor Bike Park, Conception, 2012
Bike Park Kopaonik, Design, planning, construction, post construction services, 2012
Elan Kids Tour build-up, 2011,2012
Planning of Half pipe Course for Winter Universiade Pohorje, 2011
Kaunertal, snowpark repositioning, 2011*
Planning of Snowpark Engelberg, 2011*
Planning of Snowpark Burchen, 2011*
Planning of Slopestyle Course for Winter Universiade Pohorje, 2011
Planning of Slopestyle Course for Youth Olympic Games, 2011*
Preplan of Snowpark Oberammergau, 2011
Nesselwang snowpark plan 2011*
Snowpark Nassfeld ;planning and earth moving supervision, 2011*
Development of freeride features in Specialized Bike Park Pohorje, 2011
Planning of Snowpark Burchen, 2011*
New trail development in Specialized Bike Park Pohorje, 2011,2012
Planning of Snowpark Engelberg, 2011*
Transworld day with Marko Grilc on Rogla, planning and construction 2011
Rebuild of Ladies Only (MTB Trail) , 2011
Freestyle Week, build up, 2010, 2011,2012
Bandidos Freestyle desant, build up , 2011,2012
Terrain buildup / MTB park on Nesselwang* The pre-plan for the bike park – Rogla Resort;2010 Buildup of Red Bull Double Air, 2010
Rogla Fun Park build up and maintenance 2012,2011, 2010, 2009, 2008
Air & Style buildup 2008, planning and buildup* 2009, 2010
Nine Knights buildup* 2008, 2009, 2010
Snow Park Kranjska Gora preplan 2006*, design, buildup 2011
Stubai Zoo opening buildup* 2008, 2009, 2010,2011,2012. Snow park Kartalkaya planning and build up* 2010 Galtur snow park build up 2008, preplanning of the new park*2010
Volcom peanut butter & Rail jam buildup 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011,2012
Slovenia TTR tour slopestyle buildup 2009, 2010, 2011
Cortina snow park preplan* 2010
FIS Europa cup Big Air buildup 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
FIS Europa cup Slopestayle buildup 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
Snow dome Lithuania, snow park preplan* 2009 Nassfeld snow park planning* 2010
Nesselwang snow park planning* 2010
Kaunertal opening buildup* 2008, 2009
Burton store Innsbruck rail battle build up*, 2009
Cerkno snow park preplan*, 2009
Serbia TTR tour slopestyle buildup 2009
Big Air Bag event Pohorje, preplan, 2008
Sarajevo city Big Air preplan 2008
Preplan Pohorje snow park 2007, 2008
4. Dimension Action Sports Hotel, 2007. Buildup of kicker setup for Airwaves commercial, 2007
Boarder cross Fun tour SLO organization & buildup 2005, 2006, 2007
National cup big air organization & buildup 2005, 2006, 2007
National cup slope style organization & buildup 2005, 2006, 2007
Concrete Fever sk8, bike, inline, MTB, concert city event; organization & build up 2006
Freestyle Desant City rail battle tour organization & buildup 2006
Boarder cross national tour organization & buildup 2005, 2006
Snow park Mojstrana preplan and concept 2005
Freestyle desant slope style tour organization & buildup 2005
Obsession slope style session organization & buildup 2004
Snow park Vogel planning & buildup 2004

* On all projects marked with * we were working as a subcontractor of  Schneestern Gmbh

CONSULTING & MARKETING SERVICESPreparation of the documentation for Eurostars tender and project management, TMG Ltd., 2011-2012
Magazine Design Pendrek, 2006-2010
Development of Manual for snowcat drivers in snow parks, 2010
Brand Strategy development – Schneestern, 2010
Eco Wellnes Center Jahorina, 2010
Print promotional materials – University of Primorska, 2010
Development and design of Outerwear Partnership Proposal – Schneestern, 2010
Design of 3D Wireless Accelerometer and consulting, 2010
GUI design for the new generation of TMG software, 2009
Communication device for future warrior, 2009
Roughened E book reader, 2009
Logo design – Oracle SIG, 2009
Magazine design Adrenalin, 2006-2009
Interior Design of appartment, 2008
Marketing and business strategy development, TMG BMC, 2008
Aliance TV web site design and content production, 2006-2008
Interior Graphics Design of Shop, 2007
Snowboard Graphics for the Explorer series, Goltes Snowboards, 2005
Visual Identity for Cult Mountain Bikes, Cult Bikes, 2005
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