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A short introduction

The story of Alliance began almost 10 years ago, when a group of close friends, joined by the love for snowboarding, formed an organization called Plum in order to provide an environment which would enable a further development of snowboarding and other action sports.

Almost 10 years after our first projects the initial team, which was for some time spread around the world, came back together, bringing precious experiences and knowledge from all around the world. With specialized, experienced and well-educated individuals joined by the same passion for action sports, Alliance can nowadays provide complete solutions in the field of action and outdoor sports for a wide range of customers, varying from ski resorts, marketing agencies, event organizers to governmental institutions.

Our work is our pleasure, and we are proud that in the decade of work we have developed from enthusiasts into experts with international experiences on some of the biggest projects in the industry, still working in the same field, still passionate about our work, still determined to finish every project above all expectations – both our own and those of our costumers. Read more

Social and environmental responsibility

At Alliance we pay special attention to social and environmental issues, for as we spent most of our time outside, we all respect and love nature. That is why we have developed an internal environmental policy which ensures that our work is eco friendly and sustainable.

Our solutions are mostly oriented towards tourism and leisure markets, but nevertheless we do not forget all those people who cannot afford visiting snow parks, buying bicycles etc. That is why at Alliance we support children who are passionate about a sport but due to their family’s economic status otherwise would not be able to participate in the desired action sport. 

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