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Martin Martinec, CEO

Martin – now 34 years old, became addicted to snowboarding as a child and had a successful career as a snowboarder until a knee injury affected his riding performance. However, his injury did not affect his passion for snowboarding, as Martin has since become one of the best snow park designers and shapers. Combining his riding experiences with the rich knowledge he accumulated as a geodesy student, Martin is qualified to work on the snow park or event project from consulting, CAD and 3D drawing to construction with the snowcat vehicle. During his career he has gained precious experience from some of the biggest snow park projects and events throughout Europe – such as Fun Park Rogla, Air&Style, Nine Knights and many others.

E: P: +386 40 811 607

Andrej Žigon, CEO

Andrej, 29 years old, fell in love with mountain biking 13 years ago. From that moment on, his life has been revolving around riding, first as a downhill racer and now as a freerider and trail builder, gaining experience around Europe as well as in Whistler. Apart from riding and trail building, Andrej also managed to find time for graduate and postgraduate studies of marketing, specializing in the field of sport and youth marketing. He gained practical experience both in the position of a CMO in the company TMG-BMC Ltd and from working on marketing and business projects for various IT and hi-tech companies. Currently, he is also responsible for the marketing in Schneestern, a snow-park development company.

E: P: +386 31 338 603

Marko Nikolić, Balkan Coordinator

Marko is at the age of 34 still as passionate about snowboarding and alpinism as in his youth. Apart from being professional sportsmen, he is also an experienced event organizer and mountain guide. In his sports career he has set few national records in freeride snowboarding, as he rode from Mont Blanc (4810m-France), Kalapathar on Himalayas (5545m-Nepal), Aconcagua (6962m-Argentina), Mount Elbrus (Caucasus).Apart from that he was also a member of national expedition on Mount Everest and was first man from mayor town of Serbia that climb peak above 8.000m – Cho Oyu,Tibet (8.201meters above sea level). As Marko was born and lives in Serbia, he is responsible for coordination and development of our services in the area of Balkans.

E: m.nikolić P: +381 63 86 70 711

Luka Petrič, Senior Designer

Luka Petrič, 34, has always been strongly connected with action sports. No matter what the sport – skateboarding, surfing, downhill mountain biking or snowboarding – Luka does it all with equal passion. A talented graduated designer with a passion for action sports, Luka has the perfect combination for our team. He has broad experience, ranging from being in charge of a local skate shop magazine to the development of CI for some major companies in Norway, where he lives in the moment. Apart from his work as a designer, Luka is also responsible for the part of our company dealing with business and marketing activities in Scandinavia.

E: P: +386 41 376 456

Peter Fettich, Photographer

Having dedicated 16 years to snowboarding photography, Peter, 33, is nowadays a renowned name on the European snowboarding scene, as his photos are regularly published in most major European snowboarding magazines.  Besides action sports photography, Peter is also a passionate snowboarder and skateboarder. He was one of the first snowboard teachers in Slovenia and a key member in event and contest organization.

E: P: +386 31 335 469

Urban Kravos, Senior Architect

Urban, 33, started skateboarding when most people do – as an adolescent – what sets him apart from the rest is the fact that he never finished. With his skateboarding (and surfing and snowboarding) lifestyle, a degree in architecture and rich action sports experiences, Urban is capable of designing and supervising even the most demanding planning and construction projects that action sports can offer. Urban was also one of the first snowboard teachers in Slovenia and a project manager in event organization. Apart from that, Urban is a talented artist.

E: P: +386 41 564 702

Alliance Shape Crew

Sandi Medved, Primož Pavšič, Nejc Kralj

Being in the mountains all season long and in all weather condition to make sure that the snow park is safe and in perfect condition at all times requires amazing dedication – and these guys have what it takes. With years of riding and shaping experiences and a passion for shaping, this crew is a guarantee that any park they work on will be built and maintained in accordance with the highest safety and quality standards.

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