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Skateboarding and BMX are traditional action sports, widely spread in urban areas due to their nature. Specialized parks provide safe areas, where especially children can spend active quality time. At Alliance we provide creative solutions in integrating action sports within urban areas.

Besides skateboarding and BMX, mountain biking is also gaining on popularity within urban areas, therefore we have expanded our range of services to also include different types of urban parks for mountain biking such as skill parks, race tracks and dirt jumps. Using modular wooden elements, we can provide safe, durable and cost-effective solutions.

Events in urban areas can be especially effective as they can attract large crowds. However, the organization of action sports events in urban areas requires advanced techniques and organization of work, especially when dirt of snow sport objects come into play. At Alliance we have experience with action sports events like Air&Style and we also have the necessary resources to plan and realize even the most advanced projects.

According to the phase of development, our services can be divided into four main groups:

Conceptual planning
Technical documentation
Cost and time estimation
CAD and 3D planning
Construction documentation
Marketing and financial plans/strategies
Marketing and PR services
Management consulting
Staff training
Retail/Rental program development
Risk/ vandalism management
Construction of wooden obstacles
Construction management
Volunteer management
Conceptual planning
CAD and 3D planning
Sponsorship strategies
Marketing and PR services
Construction of the event course
Event Management
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