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The Beginning, 1999

The story of Alliance began almost 10 years ago, at that time under the name Plum. Joined by the love of snowboarding, a group of close friends formed an organization called Plum in order to provide an environment which would enable a further development of snowboarding and other action sports. In the beginning, our passion helped us overcome financial and other problems, so that first events and competitions organized by us started to take place, attracting well established riders, children (accompanied by parents) and also a more mainstream audience..

Unfortunately not even our passion, dedication and over 30 successful events and competitions that we organized could overcome the financial difficulties we were facing when organizing events – Slovenia has a population of only 2 million people, which provides a target group too small for bigger action sports projects. That is why the once strongly connected team gradually spread worldwide, following their dreams and working in the field of action sports.

Alliance TV, 2006

In 2006, a few ex team members tried once more to spread the passion for action sports through Slovenia and other former Yugoslav countries, this time using an online portal called “Alliance TV”. The portal was based on our own video and news production, covering national and international events, contests and participants of all action sports, outdoor sports and music. Since target groups for each action sport in Slovenia are scarce (in number of members), the vision of the portal was to join all action sports, some outdoor sports as well alternative music, to reach the critical mass and consequently attract more sponsors.

At that time a formal, non-profit organization called “Zavod Aliansa” (the Alliance institution) was formed to ensure funding and function as a backbone for other projects such as infrastructure development. The name “Alliance” reveals the nature of the organization, which set as its goal to unite and promote all action sports in Slovenia.

“Alliance TV” was broadcasting successfully for almost two years, publishing almost 1000 self-produced video reports. Despite that, it didn’t manage to gain sufficient funds to reach a more professional level of organization and production. That’s the main reason why in 2008 the portal was shut down and the team – once more – spread around the globe.

Alliance in 2011

Almost 10 years after our first projects the initial team is coming back together, bringing precious experience and knowledge from all around the world and at the same time the Aliance institution was also transformed into a company called Aliansa Ltd. With specialized, experienced and well-educated individuals joined by the same passion for action sports, Alliance can nowadays provide complete solutions in the field of action and outdoor sports for a wide range of customers, varying from ski resorts, marketing agencies, event organizers to governmental institutions.

After almost a decade, we are still working in the same field, still passionate about our work, still determined to finish every project above all expectations.

As it is hard to find enough projects in the area of action sports in Slovenia, we have also started offering some services to other industries and are also focusing on foreign markets, where  Alliance is successfully achieving its goals.

Our work is our pleasure, and we are proud that in the decade of work we have developed from enthusiasts into experts with international experience on some of the biggest projects in the industry, still working in the same field, still passionate about our work, still determined to finish every project above all expectations – both our own and those of our costumers.

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