One of the main secrets of successful destinations is that they understand their key target markets and travel motivators very well and adjust the offer according to their needs and expectations.

It is a diverse range of factors that attract mountain bikers to destinations, as mountain bikers do not generally seek one particular attribute, even on a single ride. Destinations consequently need to recognize and cater for an increasingly demanding and heterogeneous group of mountain bikers. Even though motives vary among segments, the main motives of all mountain bikers are similar.

Trails are the foundation of mountain biking experience and the most important motive for visiting a certain destination. However, trails are not the only attribute sought by mountain bikers. They often live in areas where they are able to ride close to home, so the simple act of riding a bike is not the sole purpose of travelling.

mountain bike tourism

Motivations to Mountain Bike

  • Thrill
  • Challenge
  • Fun
  • Escapism
  • Adventure
  • Physical Exercise
  • Socializing
  • Acomplishment
  • Contact with nature

destination attributes

  • Variety of trails ( wide range of riding types and levels)
  • Scenery
  • Convenience/accessibility
  • Sense of Adventure
  • Bike-friendly amenities (accommodation, cafés, bike shops, etc)
  • Local mountain biking community
  • Novelty (continuous upgrades)
  • A range of additional activities and attractions


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