• 10/08/2019
    4th pumptrack in Ljubljana

    In 2016 we have built the first pumptrack in Slovenia, located close to the city centre of the capital Ljubljana. Due to the positive feedback from the local community, the first pumptrack was followed by two more in 2017 and 2018. The trend continues also this year as we are about to build new pumptrack in Ljubljana as part of new shopping mall.

    - In Ljubljana we have in 2016 built the first asphalt pumptrack in Slovenia
    - Ljubljana currently has 3 asphalt pumptracks
    - Pumptrack in Fuzine district is the largest asphalt pumptrack in Slovenia (over 2000m2)
    - 4th pumptrack in Ljubljana will be located along the biggest shopping mall ALEJA
    - Construction is planned for November

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  • 09/30/2019
    We are building third pumptrack in Moscow

    Last fall we have built the first asphalt pumptrack in Moscow, Russia. It is located in the Maryno district and stretches on more than 5.000 m2. As such it is one of the largest pumptracks in the world. Based on the positive feedback from the Maryno project we got several new requests for pumptracks in Moscow as well as in other parts of Russia. In the spring we have built asphalt pumptrack in Cherkizovo (Moscow) and now we are building one in Pushkino district. In addition, we have built asphalt pumptrack in Sevastopol and in October we plan to build one in Sankt Peterburg.

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  • 09/11/2019
    ​Pumptrack in Skopje officially open

    Pumptrack in Skopje has been officially opened last week. After we have finished with our works in July, the municipal services took care for landscaping and amenities. Pumptrack in Skopje, as the first asphalt pumptrack in Skopje and North Macedonia, became also the biggest such object in the whole region. Huge number of visitors at the opening ceremony that rode the pumptrack till the morning hours confirmed just how much the City of Skopje needed such object.

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  • 09/03/2019
    Another asphalt pumptrack in Slovenia

    We have just finished with construction of another asphalt pumptrack in Slovenia, this time in Tolmin.

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  • 08/20/2019
    Building new pumptrack

    We have started with the construction of new asphalt pumptrack in Slovenia. Pumptrack that will be located in the Municipality of Tolmin in famous Soča Valley, will be already our 48 asphalt pumptrack.

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  • 08/11/2019
    ​Finished second pumptrack in Moscow

    Last fall we have in cooperation with our partners FK Ramps built the biggest asphalt pumptrack in Russia. It stretches on more than 5000m2 in Moscow Maryno district. Due to the good feedback from the users, more districts in Moscow and elsewhere in Russia started to look for such infrastructure. In the beginning of July, we have consequently finished with the construction of second asphalt pumptrack in Moscow in the area of ex Cherkizovo market. As the pumptrack is part of larger new sports park we had to wait with the finalization of landscaping works on other contractors.

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  • 07/30/2019
    Pumptrack in Skopje is finished

    Last week we have completed the construction of the first asphalt pumptrack in the North Macedonia. Pumptrack located in the capitol Skopje stretches on 1700 m2 and is suitable for wide spectrum of users.

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  • 05/26/2019

    • Pump tracks are more accessible than comparable sports facilities,

    • Pump tracks are classified as easy-to-use sports facilities,
    • It is possible to place them on unused or degraded areas of 400 m2 or larger,
    • Quick build (less than 14 days),
    • Minimum maintenance and durability,
    • More than just a sports facility – unique and attractive architectural look,
    • Placement in immediate vicinities of users.

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  • 05/26/2019

    • Pump tracks are safe for users from 2 years of age and above,

    • We have obtained a Certificate of Conformity with European and Slovenian safety standards,
    • Despite pump tracks being very safe, they are attractive and fun,
    • We are members of The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA),
    • Pump Tracks ensure a safe use in almost all weather conditions.

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  • 05/26/2019

    Pump tracks are an innovative sports facility. The advantages of pump tracks are recognized by more and more communities. In only two years, we have already built over 40 pump tracks, and the trend is still increasing.

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  • 05/26/2019

    Pump tracks represent a rapidly growing trend in the field of sports infrastructure. In the last two years, we have built over 40 such pump tracks in 8 countries. What a pump track basically is, can be read in the next few paragraphs below.

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  • 04/04/2019

    Pump tracks are known for their easy and fast placement. In order to make the entire process for investors even easier, we offer the entire process of placement of a pump track – from concept to design and construction based on the “turnkey” principle.

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  • 03/24/2019

    Choosing the right location is one of the basic factors for a successful pump track placement. In addition to the well-designed and built pump track, the right location will also attract plenty of visitors and users.

    One of the advantages of pump tracks is that we can place them in the immediate vicinity of users, that is, in urban centers. Even if there is a lack of space in urban areas, such pump tracks can already be placed in areas with 300 m2 of surface, while their shape can be adapted to the shape of the selected area. Since these types of tracks also feature an attractive appearance, they can be placed on green areas, within sports parks, and in degraded areas.

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  • 01/05/2017
    MTB destination development canvas

    Is the development of mountain biking tourism among your New Year’s resolutions? Well, then you need a good plan, and the basis for any such plan is to be a sustainable business model.

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  • big jumps snow park
    BIG Jumps

    Snowboarding and freeskiing are constantly progressing at a fast rate which also requires development of new, innovative infrastructure which enables further progression of these two sports. Jumps have always been one of the most important elements of both sports, which encouraged construction of big kickers that provide adequate air time for most demanding tricks.

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  • snowpark equipment
    Snow Park Equipment: Part 2

    There are several characteristics of terrain park equipment upon which a choice of the most appropriate equipment and manufacturer can be made. Some of the characteristics that can help you choose the safest and highest quality equipment are:

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  • bike park rules
    Bike Park Rules and Guidelines

    It took a while for the ski resorts to implement basic rules and guidelines for behaviour of skiers on the slopes. At first these rules varied from resort to resort, however in the end at least in Europe the 10 FIS rules were implemented to standardize them and make them more understandable for slope users.

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  • reducing amount of snow snow park
    Reducing the amount of snow needed to develop a snow park

    The temperatures are increasing and in the long term affecting the length of the winter season and especially snow conditions on ski resorts with lower altitudes. Artificial snow has solved many problems when there is a lack of natural snow, however to make artificial snow, temperatures below freezing are needed. 

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  • Snow Park maintenance
    Snow Park maintenance and fresh snow

    Terrain park maintenance is unfortunately still the topic that does not get enough attention from the resort management. In a rush to develop a terrain park with minimum cost, resorts too often neglect the importance of regular and quality park maintenance. This is especially obvious in case of heavier snowfall, which can, in case of bad maintenance, have a great impact to the park performance until the end of the season.

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  •  Skill levels in snow parks
    11/26/2016 - a
    Skill levels in snow parks

    Terrain parks can be fun for riders with different skill levels as they can be comprised of lines of different difficulty. Diversification of lines provides better experience for the users as riders with different skill levels are separated which in turn also increases safety. Similar to the standards in alpine skiing, difficulty levels in terrain parks also vary from beginners to medium and expert or pro lines.

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  • Snowpark groomers
    Snowpark groomers

    When the return on investment in your snow park earns profit, then it is the right time to think about how to make your park even better, more creative and how to reduce the maintenance time. One of the best ways to maximize all of the mentioned tasks is to buy a new groomer that is specialized for working in snow parks.

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  • action sports marketing
    Do you speak the language of action sports?

    Have you ever considered how you would run your ski resort if you and other employees in the resort were not skiers. Probably you cannot even imagine such a situation, as that would mean that you would not be able to successfully communicate with visitors of your resort and understand their needs.

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  • halfpipes
    Halfpipes! Big, small or none?

    It all started more than 200 years ago when man started to ride ocean waves for the first time. From then on, we can witness the evolution of the culture and nowadays different sports that are based on the wave transition. The wave transition known from surfing contributed to the development of skateboarding and later snowboarding – from wave to concrete bowl skateparks to snowboard halfpipes.

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  • Generation Y marketing
    Generation Y, Sponsorships and Action Sports – Introduction

    For most companies it is hard to influence members of the generation Y which is why we decided to prepare three articles where we will explain how resorts and other endemic companies can use sponsorships in action sports to reach, attract and influence the young population.

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  • fun cross
    Why should you implement Fun Cross tracks on your ski slopes?

    Snow parks became very popular among younger ski resort visitors and most of them want to experience the fun and pleasure that they provide. However, fact is that even the easiest, beginner-level elements and obstacles in the snow park, are too demanding for the majority of ski resort visitors.

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  • mountain bike destination brand
    The importance of brands for MTB destinations

    The days when mountain biking destinations were rarity are over. With increasing popularity of mountain biking the number of destinations that provide quality and similar trail infrastructure as well as accompanying services is increasing. 

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  • mountain bike seasonality
    Mountain biking helps ski resorts to manage seasonality

    Many successful cases around the world have proven that mountain biking can help ski resorts to manage seasonality. 

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  • cycling strategy tržič
    Cycling strategy in municipality of Tržič

    We have developed a biking strategy in the municipality of Tržič. 

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  • kolopark pumptrack
    Asphalt pumptrack in the center of Slovenian capital Ljubljana

    We have built an asphalt pumptrack in the center of the Slovenian capital Ljubljana. On the 900 m2 big degraded area of an illegal parking place, we have developed a pumptrack with 140 m2 of asphalt riding surface.

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  • skills park
    Mountain bike skills / orientation park

    Safety should be the number one priority in any bike park, which is why resorts should do the best they can to increase safety awareness and educate their visitors about possible threats they face when riding in a park. Apart from proper signage and trails divided according to difficulty level, riders should get the opportunity to get familiar with obstacles that they face on trails in a safer environment. Consequently, when they face such objects on trails they are prepared and know how to overcome them

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  • trail rating
    Mountain bike trail difficulty rating system

    In order to provide fun and challenge for bike park or trail system visitors, trails of different difficulty levels are developed. To inform visitors about the required skill level for each trail and encourage them to use trails that match their skills, appropriate trail difficulty rating system should be implemented.

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  • Number of mountain bikers around the world
    Number of mountain bikers around the world

    Fact is that the number of mountain bikers is increasing at a fast rate, yet we do not have much data on the number of participants. That is why we are on a mission to create a world map of mountain biking participation.

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