Mountain biking is a promising tourism product. But be careful. Mountain bikers are demanding guests that require tailored trail infrastructure and services. Just as any tourism product, mountain biking consequently requires a clear vision as well as a broad and strategic approach, involving all key stakeholders.

We see the development of mountain biking tourism as a continuous process. Combining our rich experiences and academic research, we have developed a creative but proven model for mountain biking destination development which guarantees that the mountain bikers will not just come once, but also return.



Mountain biking is not merely about the infrastructure, but all about experiences. That is why we help the destinations to recognize their unique identity – a brand impression that would inspire the local community and create emotional connections with visitors. Working with key stakeholders we focus on your strengths, identify and evaluate your infrastructure as well as natural and cultural assets that will help you to create competitive edge.



Mountain bikers are a very diverse group representing a variety of different segments. One of the main secrets of successful mountain biking destinations is that they know their key target segments and travel motivators very well and tailor the offer according to their needs and expectations. Based on your unique identity, vision and resources, we help you to focus on segments of mountain bikers that fits best on your attributes.



Trails are more than a strip of bare soil. They are an experience for the visitor and the core component of the mountain bike tourism product; the more significant the trails, the more desirable the destination. An epic or iconic trail, trail network or bike park, can consequently define a destination. We help destinations with planning and construction of well-developed and sustainable trails that suit recognized target segments.



To truly capitalize on the success of a well-constructed trail network, the community must also consider the specific needs and and expectations of mountain bikers. We educate and help your community to adapt existing services and develop the mountain-biking-specific offer to better suit the needs of mountain bikers, ranging from accommodation, transport etc.



Mountain biking is not a sport, its a lifestyle, and lifestyle marketing is not about promotion but about creating relationships. With deep understanding of the mountain biking culture we help you to form long-term relationships as well as built on mutual respect and trust. The basis of any successful marketing strategy is an inspiring brand. Originating from your unique identity, we help you to build a strong brand which will help to to create emotional connections with your guests, far beyond trail infrastructure.



Understanding the perception and satisfaction of visitors is a vital part of successful development. Additionally the development of mountain biking tourism will affect your identity. We help you to monitor internal as well as extrenal factors such as stakeholder involvment, visitors loyalty, perceived image, etc. and provide recommendations for further improvement.



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